Our 21-Day Warranty

Linkup Bahamas wishes to thank our customers for their interest in our products. We have spent a considerable amount of time perfecting our processing and inspection technique. We are confident in our ability to provide the quality our customers deserve.

This limited warranty applies to mobile products and accessories, and only for mobile products/accessories purchased from Linkup Bahamas.

Limited Warranty

This covers any product(s) with defective part(s) or functionality, discovered under normal use, during the warranty period of (21) days.

Linkup Bahamas warrants to exchange or refund on any product(s) proved to be defective because of some malfunctions or improper materials under normal use.

How long does this coverage last?

The warranty period for products purchased through Linkup Bahamas lasts (21) days from the date of purchase.

What does this limited warranty not cover?

In no event shall Linkup Bahamas be liable for any damages or malfunctions caused by the buyer to their product(s) at no period of time. These damages include but are not limited to; Screen Damage, Housing Damage, Dents or Scratches, Internal Damages caused from drops/falls,  iCloud Locks (by buyer), Passcode Locks(by buyer).

What should the customer do?

In the unlikely event our product does not meet our customers expectation, you should Contact Us  within the warranty period with proof of defective product(s) and order confirmation number. We will then determine the problem and provide the most suitable solution for our customers.